openair (2.7-0)

Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data.

Tools to analyse, interpret and understand air pollution data. Data are typically hourly time series and both monitoring data and dispersion model output can be analysed. Many functions can also be applied to other data, including meteorological and traffic data.

Maintainer: David Carslaw
Author(s): David Carslaw [aut, cre], Karl Ropkins [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: cluster, dplyr, hexbin, lattice, latticeExtra, lubridate, mapproj, MASS, mgcv, purrr, Rcpp, readr, rlang, tidyr, KernSmooth, mapdata, maps, quantreg
Reverse suggests: envoutliers, RGraphics, rmweather, ropenaq, saqgetr

Released 16 days ago.