opencpu (2.0.2)

Producing and Reproducing Results. (website) (documentation) (devel)

A system for embedded scientific computing and reproducible research with R. The OpenCPU server exposes a simple but powerful HTTP api for RPC and data interchange with R. This provides a reliable and scalable foundation for statistical services or building R web applications. The OpenCPU server runs either as a single-user development server within the interactive R session, or as a multi-user Linux stack based on Apache2. The entire system is fully open source and permissively licensed. The OpenCPU website has detailed documentation and example apps.

Maintainer: Jeroen Ooms
Author(s): Jeroen Ooms

License: Apache License 2.0

Uses: brew, curl, devtools, evaluate, httpuv, jsonlite, knitr, mime, openssl, pander, protolite, rappdirs, sendmailR, sys, webutils, zip, R.rsp, feather, unix
Reverse depends: x.ent
Reverse suggests: distcomp

Released about 2 years ago.