oppr (1.0.0)

Optimal Project Prioritization.


A decision support tool for prioritizing conservation projects. Prioritizations can be developed by maximizing expected feature richness, expected phylogenetic diversity, the number of features that meet persistence targets, or identifying a set of projects that meet persistence targets for minimal cost. Constraints (e.g. lock in specific actions) and feature weights can also be specified to further customize prioritizations. After defining a project prioritization problem, solutions can be obtained using exact algorithms, heuristic algorithms, or random processes. In particular, it is recommended to install the 'Gurobi' optimizer (available from ) because it can identify optimal solutions very quickly. Finally, methods are provided for comparing different prioritizations and evaluating their benefits. For more information, see Hanson et al. (2019) .

Maintainer: Jeffrey O Hanson
Author(s): Jeffrey O Hanson [aut, cre], Richard Schuster [aut], Matthew Strimas-Mackey [aut], Joseph Bennett [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: ape, assertthat, cli, ggplot2, lpSolveAPI, magrittr, Matrix, proto, tibble, tidytree, uuid, viridisLite, Rsymphony, testthat, roxygen2, knitr, shiny, tidyr, rmarkdown, rhandsontable

Released 2 months ago.