optimx (2011-2.27)

A replacement and extension of the optim() function.


Provides a replacement and extension of the optim() function to unify and streamline optimization capabilities in R for smooth, possibly box constrained functions of several or many parameters

Maintainer: John C. Nash
Author(s): John C Nash <nashjc@uottawa.ca> and Ravi Varadhan <RVaradhan@jhmi.edu>

License: GPL-2

Uses: BB, minqa, numDeriv, Rcgmin, Rvmmin, setRNG, ucminf
Reverse depends: BioGeoBEARS, CatDyn, Distance, embryogrowth, LIHNPSD, macc, marked, midasr, monmlp, mrds, nlmrt, NormalGamma, parfm, phenology, QuantumClone, sgt, surrosurv
Reverse suggests: ACDm, afex, bbmle, dimRed, embryogrowth, heemod, IRTpp, languageR, lava, lbfgsb3c, lme4, MSCMT, nlmrt, nlsr, phenology, RandomFields, regsem

Released almost 9 years ago.