optmatch (0.7-0)

Functions for optimal matching.


Functions for optimal matching, including full matching

Maintainer: Ben B. Hansen
Author(s): Ben B. Hansen <ben.hansen@umich.edu> and Mark Fredrickson <mark.m.fredrickson@gmail.com>, with embedded Fortran code due to Dimitri P. Bertsekas <dimitrib@mit.edu> and Paul Tseng

License: file LICENSE

Uses: boot, RItools
Reverse depends: finebalance, MatchIt, RcmdrPlugin.EZR, SpectralGEM
Reverse suggests: approxmatch, bigmatch, cobalt, DiPs, DOS, MatchIt, MatchItSE, matchMulti, OSDR, rcbalance, rcbsubset, RcmdrPlugin.EZR, RItools, StatMatch, Zelig
Reverse enhances: blockingChallenge, RItools

Released almost 9 years ago.