optparse (1.4.4)

Command Line Option Parser.


A command line parser inspired by Python's 'optparse' library to be used with Rscript to write "#!" shebang scripts that accept short and long flag/options.

Maintainer: Trevor L Davis
Author(s): Trevor L Davis. Some documentation and examples ported from Allen Day's getopt package. Some documentation from the optparse Python module by the Python Software Foundation. Contributions from Steve Lianoglou, Jim Nikelski, Kirill Mller, Peter Humburg, and Rich FitzJohn.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: getopt, stringr, testthat, knitr
Reverse depends: pgfSweave
Reverse suggests: enveomics.R, kdetrees, TexExamRandomizer
Reverse enhances: pgfSweave

Released about 2 years ago.