orddom (3.1)

Ordinal Dominance Statistics.


Computes ordinal, statistics and effect sizes as an alternative to mean comparison: Cliff's delta or success rate difference (SRD), Vargha and Delaney's A or the Area Under a Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (AUC), the discrete type of McGraw & Wong's Common Language Effect Size (CLES) or Grissom & Kim's Probability of Superiority (PS), and the Number needed to treat (NNT) effect size. Moreover, comparisons to Cohen's d are offered based on Huberty & Lowman's Percentage of Group (Non-)Overlap considerations.

Maintainer: Jens J. Rogmann
Author(s): Jens J. Rogmann, University of Hamburg, Department of Psychology, Germany

License: GPL-2

Uses: psych

Released about 7 years ago.