ordinal (2010.12-15)

Regression Models for Ordinal Data.


This package implements likelihood based models for ordinal (ordered categorical) data based on cumulative probabilities in the framework of cumulative link (mixed) models. This includes the important proportional odds model but also allows for general regression structures for location as well as scale of the latent distribution, i.e. additive as well as multiplicative structures, structured thresholds (cut-points), nominal effects, flexible link functions and random effects. Further, a range of estimation procedures and a range of auxiliary functions are implemented.

Maintainer: Rune Haubo B Christensen
Author(s): Rune Haubo B Christensen

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: MASS, numDeriv, ucminf, lme4, nlme, nnet
Reverse depends: RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats, sensR
Reverse suggests: agridat, AICcmodavg, broom, dotwhisker, effects, emmeans, ensemblepp, generalhoslem, ggeffects, ggstatsplot, insight, lsmeans, mlt.docreg, nonnest2, performance, RVAideMemoire, sensR, simstudy, sure, tram
Reverse enhances: margins, memisc, MuMIn, prediction, stargazer, texreg

Released almost 9 years ago.