pROC (1.4.4)

display and analyze ROC curves.

Tools for visualizing, smoothing and comparing receiver operating characteristic (ROC curves). (Partial) area under the curve (AUC) can be compared with statistical tests based on U-statistics or bootstrap. Confidence intervals can be computed for (p)AUC or ROC curves.

Maintainer: Xavier Robin
Author(s): Xavier Robin, Natacha Turck, Alexandre Hainard, Natalia Tiberti, Frédérique Lisacek, Jean-Charles Sanchez and Markus Müller

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: plyr, MASS
Reverse depends: bimixt, biomod2, bootfs, caret, FRESA.CAD, mlDNA, packMBPLSDA, RatingScaleReduction, RcmdrPlugin.EZR, roccv, ThresholdROC
Reverse suggests: aplore3, arsenal, bst, BuyseTest, caret, caretEnsemble, cassandRa, Causata, dtree, eclust, ensemblepp, FeatureHashing, fscaret, kernDeepStackNet, mipred, mldr, mlr, OSTSC, palasso, prioritylasso, RcmdrPlugin.EZR, riskRegression, sjstats, uavRst, waffect, WeightedROC
Reverse enhances: palasso

Released over 8 years ago.