pander (0.6.2)

An R 'Pandoc' Writer.

Contains some functions catching all messages, 'stdout' and other useful information while evaluating R code and other helpers to return user specified text elements (like: header, paragraph, table, image, lists etc.) in 'pandoc' markdown or several type of R objects similarly automatically transformed to markdown format. Also capable of exporting/converting (the resulting) complex 'pandoc' documents to e.g. HTML, 'PDF', 'docx' or 'odt'. This latter reporting feature is supported in brew syntax or with a custom reference class with a smarty caching 'backend'.

Maintainer: Gergely Darczi
Author(s): Gergely Darczi <>, Roman Tsegelskyi <>

License: AGPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: digest, Rcpp, Epi, ggplot2, lattice, memisc, nlme, randomForest, reshape, survival, tseries, zoo, data.table, descr, forecast, rms, MASS, futile.logger, microbenchmark, tables, knitr, koRpus, gtable, rmarkdown
Reverse suggests: accelerometry, ACMEeqtl, ammistability, arsenal, ARTool, augmentedRCBD, backShift, baytrends, bcRep, beanz, broom.mixed, clifro, datafsm, dataPreparation, diceR, dMod, eRTG3D, evaluator, expstudies, febr, fingertipsR, flippant, freesurfer, GCalignR, germinationmetrics, ggparty, ggthemes, grpSLOPE, gWQS, HaDeX, hopit, htmlTable, hurricaneexposure, idem, igate, ivmte, jdx, jsr223, JWileymisc, Luminescence, mbbefd, Mediana, miWQS, mlr, MUS, nanostringr, NetworkInference, NIPTeR, noaastormevents, nonmemica, opencpu, optmatch, ormPlot, peakPantheR, PGRdup, pubh, r4lineups, RClone, relMix, reports, SAMCpack, santaR, shiftR, srvyr, stationery, stocks, survivALL, syuzhet, tidyrules, toxboot, transmission, treespace, UncertainInterval, visit

Released almost 2 years ago.