parallelMap (1.5.0)

Unified Interface to Parallelization Back-Ends.

Unified parallelization framework for multiple back-end, designed for internal package and interactive usage. The main operation is parallel mapping over lists. Supports 'local', 'multicore', 'mpi' and 'BatchJobs' mode. Allows tagging of the parallel operation with a level name that can be later selected by the user to switch on parallel execution for exactly this operation.

Maintainer: Bernd Bischl
Author(s): Bernd Bischl [cre, aut], Michel Lang [aut] (<>), Patrick Schratz [aut] (<>)

License: BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: BBmisc, checkmate, rpart, snow, Rmpi, data.table, testthat, BatchJobs, batchtools
Reverse depends: spFSR
Reverse suggests: batchtools, classiFunc, flacco, ldaPrototype, modelStudio

Released 11 days ago.