pbdBASE (0.5-1)

Programming with Big Data -- Base Wrappers for Distributed Matrices.


An interface to and extensions for the 'PBLAS' and 'ScaLAPACK' numerical libraries. This enables R to utilize distributed linear algebra for codes written in the 'SPMD' fashion. This interface is deliberately low-level and mimics the style of the native libraries it wraps. For a much higher level way of managing distributed matrices, see the 'pbdDMAT' package.

Maintainer: Wei-Chen Chen
Author(s): Drew Schmidt [aut], Wei-Chen Chen [aut, cre], Sebastien Lamy de la Chapelle [aut], George Ostrouchov [aut], Pragneshkumar Patel [aut], Ewan Higgs [ctb]

License: Mozilla Public License 2.0

Uses: pbdMPI, pbdSLAP
Reverse depends: pbdDEMO, pbdDMAT, pmclust

Released about 1 month ago.