pbdMPI (0.3-4)

Programming with Big Data -- Interface to MPI.


An efficient interface to MPI by utilizing S4 classes and methods with a focus on Single Program/Multiple Data ('SPMD') parallel programming style, which is intended for batch parallel execution.

Maintainer: Wei-Chen Chen
Author(s): Wei-Chen Chen [aut, cre], George Ostrouchov [aut], Drew Schmidt [aut], Pragneshkumar Patel [aut], Hao Yu [aut], Christian Heckendorf [ctb] (FreeBSD), Brian Ripley [ctb] (Windows HPC Pack 2012), R Core team [ctb] (some functions are modified from the base packages)

License: Mozilla Public License 2.0

Uses: rlecuyer
Enhances: pbdPROF, pbdZMQ
Reverse depends: kazaam, pbdBASE, pbdDEMO, pbdDMAT, pbdNCDF4, pbdSLAP, pmclust
Reverse enhances: cubfits, MixfMRI, pbdNCDF4, pbdRPC, pbdZMQ

Released over 1 year ago.