pbkrtest (0.4-6)

Parametric Bootstrap and Kenward Roger Based Methods for Mixed Model Comparison.


Test in mixed effects models. . Attention is on mixed effects models as implemented in the 'lme4' package. . This package implements a parametric bootstrap test and a Kenward Roger modification of F-tests for linear mixed effects models and a parametric bootstrap test for generalized linear mixed models.

Maintainer: Sren Hjsgaard
Author(s): Ulrich Halekoh <uhalekoh@health.sdu.dk> Sren Hjsgaard <sorenh@math.aau.dk>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: lme4, MASS, Matrix, gplots
Reverse depends: afex
Reverse suggests: agridat, asremlPlus, buildmer, car, doBy, effects, emmeans, jtools, lavaSearch2, lme4, lmerTest, lsmeans, parameters, RcmdrPlugin.NMBU, SensMixed, sjPlot, sjstats, TukeyC

Released over 3 years ago.