pcaPP (1.9-72)

Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit.


Provides functions for robust PCA by projection pursuit. The methods are described in Croux et al. (2006) , Croux et al. (2013) , Todorov and Filzmoser (2013) .

Maintainer: Valentin Todorov
Author(s): Peter Filzmoser, Heinrich Fritz, Klaudius Kalcher

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: mvtnorm
Reverse depends: ccaPP, chemometrics, ChemoSpec, DetMCD, diffee, jeek, JointNets, muma, rainbow, robustfa, rrcov, rrcovHD, rrlda, simule, smart, sscor
Reverse suggests: ChemoSpec, cord, dimRed, fractaldim, ftsa, MetaPCA, ProjectionBasedClustering, robustfa, zenplots

Released over 2 years ago.