pcalg (1.1-4)

Estimation of CPDAG/PAG and causal inference using the IDA algorithm.


Standard and robust estimation of the equivalence class of a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) via the PC-Algorithm. The equivalence class is represented by its (unique) Completete Partially Directed Acyclic Graph (CPDAG). Furthermore, a PAG instead of a CPDAG can be estimated if latent variables and/or selection variables are assumed to be present. FCI and RFCI are available for estimating PAGs. Functions for causal inference using the IDA algorithm (based on do-calculus of Judea Pearl) are provided for CPDAGs.

Maintainer: Markus Kalisch
Author(s): Markus Kalisch, Martin Maechler, Diego Colombo

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: abind, corpcor, ggm, graph, RBGL, robustbase, sfsmisc, vcd, Matrix, ggm, graph, MASS
Reverse depends: qdg, qtlnet
Reverse suggests: backShift, CompareCausalNetworks, graphComp, iTOP, MXM, ParallelPC, qgraph, SCCI

Released over 8 years ago.