pegas (0.13)

Population and Evolutionary Genetics Analysis System.

Functions for reading, writing, plotting, analysing, and manipulating allelic and haplotypic data, including from VCF files, and for the analysis of population nucleotide sequences and micro-satellites including coalescent analyses, linkage disequilibrium, population structure (Fst, Amova) and equilibrium (HWE), haplotype networks, minimum spanning tree and network, and median-joining networks.

Maintainer: Emmanuel Paradis
Author(s): Emmanuel Paradis [aut, cre, cph] (<>), Thibaut Jombart [aut, cph] (<>), Zhian N. Kamvar [aut, cph] (<>), Brian Knaus [aut, cph] (<>), Klaus Schliep [aut, cph], Alastair Potts [aut, cph] (<>), David Winter [aut, cph] (<>)

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: adegenet, ape, rgl
Reverse depends: adhoc, coalescentMCMC, kernelPop, msap, PopGenReport, poppr, rmetasim, spider, StAMPP
Reverse suggests: adegenet, BarcodingR, gstudio, hierfstat

Released 3 months ago.