pez (1.1-0)

Phylogenetics for the Environmental Sciences.

Eco-phylogenetic and community phylogenetic analyses. Keeps community ecological and phylogenetic data matched up and comparable using 'comparative.comm' objects. Wrappers for common community phylogenetic indices ('pez.shape', 'pez.evenness', 'pez.dispersion', and 'pez.dissimilarity' metrics). Implementation of Cavender-Bares (2004) correlation of phylogenetic and ecological matrices ('fingerprint.regression'). Phylogenetic Generalised Linear Mixed Models (PGLMMs; 'pglmm') following Ives & Helmus (2011) and Rafferty & Ives (2013). Simulation of null assemblages, traits, and phylogenies ('scape', 'sim.meta.comm').

Maintainer: William D. Pearse
Author(s): William D. Pearse, Marc W. Cadotte, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Anthony R. Ives, Caroline Tucker, Steve C. Walker, Matthew R. Helmus

License: GPL-3

Uses: ade4, ape, apTreeshape, caper, FD, Matrix, mvtnorm, picante, quantreg, vegan, lme4, knitr
Reverse suggests: phyr

Released over 4 years ago.