ph2hetero (1.0.2)

Stratified Adaptive Designs for Two-Stage Phase II Studies.

Implementation of Jones (2007) , Tournoux-Facon (2011) and Parashar (2016) designs.

Maintainer: Patrick Sfumato
Author(s): Patrick Sfumato [aut, cre], Thomas Filleron [aut], Bastien Cabarrou [aut], Andrew D. Martin [cph], Kevin M. Quinn [cph], Daniel Pemstein [cph], Ross Ihaka [cph], The R Development Core Team [cph], The R Foundation [cph], Pierre L'Ecuyer [cph], Makoto Matsumoto [cph], Takuji Nishimura [cph]

License: GPL

Uses: clinfun, mvtnorm

Released over 1 year ago.