phylosim (3.0.4)

Flexible Simulations of Biological Sequence Evolution.

An extensible object-oriented framework for the Monte Carlo simulation of sequence evolution written in 100 percent R. It is built on the top of the R.oo and ape packages and uses Gillespie's direct method to simulate substitutions, insertions and deletions. Citation: Botond Sipos, Tim Massingham, Gregory E Jordan and Nick Goldman (2011) PhyloSim - Monte Carlo simulation of sequence evolution in the R statistical computing environment .

Maintainer: Botond Sipos
Author(s): Botond Sipos <>, Gregory Jordan <>

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: ape, compoisson, ggplot2, R.methodsS3, R.oo
Reverse depends: pcrcoal

Released 7 months ago.