plm (2.2-0)

Linear Models for Panel Data.

A set of estimators and tests for panel data econometrics, as described in Baltagi (2013) Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, ISBN-13:978-1-118-67232-7, Hsiao (2014) Analysis of Panel Data and Croissant and Millo (2018), Panel Data Econometrics with R, ISBN:978-1-118-94918-4.

Maintainer: Yves Croissant
Author(s): Yves Croissant [aut, cre], Giovanni Millo [aut], Kevin Tappe [aut], Ott Toomet [ctb], Christian Kleiber [ctb], Achim Zeileis [ctb], Arne Henningsen [ctb], Liviu Andronic [ctb], Nina Schoenfelder [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: bdsmatrix, Formula, lattice, lmtest, MASS, maxLik, nlme, Rdpack, sandwich, zoo, Ecdat, car, foreign, pcse, spdep, statmod, AER, pglm, knitr, splm, texreg, stargazer, rmarkdown, clusterSEs, bookdown, clubSandwich, pder
Reverse depends: clusterSEs, cquad, frontier, meboot, pdR, pglm, splm
Reverse suggests: AER, broom, censReg, clubSandwich, data.table, frontier, insight, lfe, meboot, micEcon, panelr, parameters, pder, pgsc, pmdplyr, sampleSelection, sandwich, spacetime, stars, systemfit, tonymisc, wooldridge, xtable
Reverse enhances: prediction, stargazer, texreg

Released 2 months ago.