plot3logit (1.0.1)

Ternary Plots for Trinomial Regression Models.

An implementation of the ternary plot for interpreting regression coefficients of trinomial regression models, as proposed in Santi, Dickson and Espa (2018) . Ternary plots can be drawn using either 'ggtern' package (based on 'ggplot2') or 'Ternary' package (based on standard graphics).

Maintainer: Flavio Santi
Author(s): Flavio Santi [cre, aut] (<>), Maria Michela Dickson [aut] (<>), Giuseppe Espa [aut] (<>)

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ggplot2, ggtern, magrittr, reshape2, Ternary, mlogit, MASS, nnet

Released about 1 year ago.