plotly (2.0.16)

Create Interactive Web Graphics via Plotly's JavaScript Graphing Library.

Easily translate ggplot2 graphs to an interactive web-based version and/or create custom web-based visualizations directly from R. Once uploaded to a plotly account, plotly graphs (and the data behind them) can be viewed and modified in a web browser.

Maintainer: Carson Sievert
Author(s): Carson Sievert [aut, cre], Chris Parmer [aut, cph], Toby Hocking [aut], Scott Chamberlain [aut], Karthik Ram [aut], Marianne Corvellec [aut], Pedro Despouy [aut]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: base64enc, digest, ggplot2, htmlwidgets, httr, jsonlite, magrittr, plyr, scales, viridis, RColorBrewer, Rserve, maps, testthat, devtools, knitr, RSclient, shiny, dplyr, htmltools, rmarkdown, curl, broom
Reverse depends: cdparcoord, DynNom, eAnalytics, heatmaply, hypercube, iCellR, multichull,, personalized, ProjectManagement, vistime, visualR
Reverse suggests: ActisoftR, analysisPipelines, BCEA, bs4Dash, colorpatch, coveffectsplot, dartR, DataVisualizations, flacco, frailtyEM, fssemR, Hmisc, idbr, incidence, jpndistrict, KRIG, lmvar, localIV, Luminescence, manipulateWidget, microsamplingDesign, mlbgameday, muHVT, phenocamr, propr, psycho, ptsuite, R.SamBada, recexcavAAR, Rilostat, rms, Rnightlights, rwalkr, snotelr, staRdom, sugrrants, tidycells, toxplot, trelliscopejs, visdat, WVPlots, xplorerr, xpose
Reverse enhances: plotlyGeoAssets, repr

Released almost 4 years ago.