pmml (1.2.29)

Generate PMML for various models.

The Predictive Modelling Markup Language (PMML) is a language for representing models using XML in an application independent way. Such models can then be shared with other applications that support PMML (see The generic pmml() function takes an R model as its argument and returns the corresponding PMML. Currently supported models for export include linear regression (lm and glm), support vector machines (ksvm), decision trees (rpart), neural networks (nnet, multinom), association rules (arules), survival models (coxph, survreg), random survival forests (randomSurvivalForest), and clusters (kmeans, hclust).

Maintainer: Graham Williams
Author(s): Graham Williams, Michael Hahsler (arules), Zementis Inc, Hemant Ishwaran, Udaya B. Kogalur, Rajarshi Guha

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: XML, arules, kernlab, randomForest, randomSurvivalForest, rpart, nnet
Reverse depends: rattle
Reverse suggests: arules, partykit, pmmlTransformations, rattle

Released over 6 years ago.