polmineR (0.7.3)

Toolkit for Corpus Analysis.


Library for corpus analysis using the Corpus Workbench as an efficient back end for indexing and querying large corpora. The package offers functionality to flexibly create partitions and to carry out basic statistical operations (count, co-occurrences etc.). The original full text of documents can be reconstructed and inspected at any time. Beyond that, the package is intended to serve as an interface to packages implementing advanced statistical procedures. Respective data structures (document term matrices, term co- occurrence matrices etc.) can be created based on the indexed corpora.

Maintainer: Andreas Blaette
Author(s): Andreas Blaette

License: GPL-3

Uses: data.table, DT, Matrix, R6, slam, tm, rJava, sendmailR, testthat, xlsx, pbapply, doParallel, knitr, markdown, rcqp, shiny, htmltools, xml2

Released about 2 years ago.