prabclus (2.1-3)

Functions for clustering of presence-absence and abundance data.

Distance-based parametric bootstrap tests for clustering, mainly intended for presence-absence data and abundance data (clustering of species distribution ranges). Jaccard, Kulczynski, quantitative Kulczynski and geco distance measures, clustering of presence-absence and abundance data, and nearest neighbor based noise detection (R port of Byers and Raftery's (1998) "NNclean"). Main functions are prabtest, abundtest (for testing), prabclust (for clustering), prabinit (for preparing the data) and NNclean (for noise detection). The help-pages for prabtest, abundtest and prabclust contain simple standard executions. Note that the use of the package mclust (called by function prabclust) is protected by a special license, see, particularly point 6.

Maintainer: Christian Hennig
Author(s): Christian Hennig <>, Bernhard Hausdorf <>

License: GPL

Uses: SparseM, foreign, maptools, mclust, mvtnorm, spdep, tripack
Reverse suggests: fpc

Released over 10 years ago.