praznik (2.0.0)

Collection of Information-Based Feature Selection Filters.

A collection of feature selection filters performing greedy optimisation of mutual information-based usefulness criteria, inspired by the overview by Brown, Pocock, Zhao and Lujan (2012) . Implements, among other, minimum redundancy maximal relevancy ('mRMR') method by Peng, Long and Ding (2005) ; joint mutual information ('JMI') method by Yang and Moody (1999) ; double input symmetrical relevance ('DISR') method by Meyer and Bontempi (2006) as well as joint mutual information maximisation ('JMIM') method by Bennasar, Hicks and Setchi (2015) .

Maintainer: Miron B. Kursa
Author(s): Miron B. Kursa

License: GPL-3

Uses: testthat
Reverse suggests: mlr, mlr3filters, mlrCPO

Released about 2 years ago.