prediction (

Tidy, Type-Safe 'prediction()' Methods.

A one-function package containing 'prediction()', a type-safe alternative to 'predict()' that always returns a data frame. The package currently supports common model types (e.g., "lm", "glm") from the 'stats' package, as well as numerous other model classes from other add-on packages. See the README or main package documentation page for a complete listing.

Maintainer: Thomas J. Leeper
Author(s): Thomas J. Leeper [aut, cre] (<>), Carl Ganz [ctb]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: data.table, testthat
Enhances: MNP, VGAM, aod, betareg, biglm, caret, e1071, earth, ff, gam, gee, kernlab, lme4, mda, nlme, plm, pscl, quantreg, rpart, survey, survival, AER, brglm, glmnet, mlogit, sampleSelection, truncreg, speedglm, MASS, nnet, ordinal, mclogit, ffbase, crch, glmx
Reverse suggests: estimatr, ggeffects

Released about 1 year ago.