protr (0.1-0)

Protein Sequence Feature Extraction with R.

The protr package aims for protein sequence feature extraction, which could be easily applied in Bioinformatics and Chemogenomics research. The descriptors listed in this package include Amino Acid Composition (Amino Acid Composition/Dipeptide Composition/Tripeptide Composition), Autocorrelation (Normalized Moreau-Broto Autocorrelation/Moran Autocorrelation/Geary Autocorrelation), CTD (Composition/Transition/Distribution), Conjoint Traid, Quasi-sequence Order (Sequence Order Coupling Number/Quasi-sequence Order Descriptors), and Pseudo Amino Acid Composition (Pseudo Amino Acid Composition/Amphiphilic Pseudo Amino Acid Composition). The package is developed by Computational Biology and Drug Design Group, Central South University.

Maintainer: Xiao Nan
Author(s): Xiao Nan <>, Dongsheng Cao <>, Qingsong Xu <>, Yizeng Liang <>

License: BSD

Uses: Does not use any package

Released almost 7 years ago.