psidR (1.7)

Build Panel Data Sets from PSID Raw Data.

Makes it easy to build panel data in wide format from Panel Survey of Income Dynamics ('PSID') delivered raw data. Downloads data directly from the PSID server using the 'SAScii' package. 'psidR' takes care of merging data from each wave onto a cross-period index file, so that individuals can be followed over time. The user must specify which years they are interested in, and the 'PSID' variable names (e.g. ER21003) for each year (they differ in each year). The package offers helper functions to retrieve variable names from different waves. There are different panel data designs and sample subsetting criteria implemented ("SRC", "SEO", "immigrant" and "latino" samples).

Maintainer: Florian Oswald
Author(s): Florian Oswald

License: GPL-3

Uses: data.table, foreign, futile.logger, openxlsx, RCurl, SAScii, testthat

Released over 1 year ago.