pvclust (1.2-0)

Hierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap Resampling.


pvclust is a package for assessing the uncertainty in hierarchical cluster analysis. It provides AU (approximately unbiased) p-values as well as BP (boostrap probability) values computed via multiscale bootstrap resampling.

Maintainer: Ryota Suzuki
Author(s): Ryota Suzuki <ryota.suzuki@is.titech.ac.jp>, Hidetoshi Shimodaira <shimo@is.titech.ac.jp>

License: GPL version 2 or newer

Uses: snow, Rmpi
Reverse depends: OpenRepGrid, qrfactor, ttime
Reverse suggests: dendextend, isocat, scaleboot, svs

Released over 13 years ago.