qcr (1.0)

Quality Control Review.


Allows to generate Shewhart-type charts and to obtain numerical results of interest for a process quality control (involving continuous, attribute or count data). This package provides basic functionality for univariable and multivariable quality control analysis, including: xbar, xbar-one, S, R, ewna, cusum, mewna, mcusum and T2 charts. Additionally have nonparametric control charts multivariate. Parametric and nonparametric Process Capability Indices.

Maintainer: Miguel Flores
Author(s): Miguel Flores [aut, cre], Ruben Fernandez [ctb], Salvador Naya [ctb], Javier Tarrio-Saavedra [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: fda.usc, MASS, mvtnorm, qcc, qualityTools

Released over 3 years ago.