quanteda (0.8.2-0)

Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data.


A fast, flexible toolset for for the management, processing, and quantitative analysis of textual data in R.

Maintainer: Kenneth Benoit
Author(s): Kenneth Benoit [aut, cre], Paul Nulty [aut], Pablo Barber [ctb], Kohei Watanabe [ctb], Benjamin Lauderdale [ctb]

License: GPL-3

Uses: ca, data.table, Matrix, proxy, Rcpp, SnowballC, stringi, wordcloud, RColorBrewer, XML, ggplot2, tm, slam, lda, topicmodels, testthat, knitr, streamR, jsonlite
Reverse depends: word.alignment
Reverse suggests: corpus, corpustools, phrasemachine, readtext, spacyr, stopwords, tidytext
Reverse enhances: corpus

Released over 4 years ago.