queueing (0.1.9)

Analysis of Queueing Networks and Models..


It provides a versatile tool for analysis of birth and death based Markovian Queueing Models and Single and Multiclass Product-Form Queueing Networks. It implements M/M/1, M/M/c, M/M/Infinite, M/M/1/K, M/M/c/K, M/M/c/c, M/M/1/K/K, M/M/c/K/K, M/M/c/K/m, M/M/Infinite/K/K, Multiple Channel Open Jackson Networks, Multiple Channel Closed Jackson Networks, Single Channel Multiple Class Open Networks, Single Channel Multiple Class Closed Networks and Single Channel Multiple Class Mixed Networks. Also it provides a B-Erlang, C-Erlang and Engset calculators.

Maintainer: Pedro Canadilla
Author(s): Pedro Canadilla <pedro.canadilla@gmail.com>

License: GPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package

Released over 7 years ago.