radiant.model (0.9.5)

Model Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny.


The Radiant Model menu includes interfaces for linear and logistic regression, naive Bayes, neural networks, classification and regression trees, model evaluation, collaborative filtering, decision analysis, and simulation. The application extends the functionality in radiant.data.

Maintainer: Vincent Nijs
Author(s): Vincent Nijs [aut, cre]

License: AGPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: car, data.tree, DiagrammeR, dplyr, e1071, ggplot2, gridExtra, import, lubridate, magrittr, NeuralNetTools, nnet, psych, radiant.basics, radiant.data, rlang, rpart, rstudioapi, sandwich, shiny, stringr, tidyr, yaml, testthat
Reverse depends: radiant

Released over 1 year ago.