randomForestSRC (2.1.0)

Random Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification (RF-SRC).

http://web.ccs.miami.edu/~hishwaran http://www.kogalur.com

A unified treatment of Breiman's random forests for survival, regression and classification problems based on Ishwaran and Kogalur's random survival forests (RSF) package. The package runs in both serial and parallel (OpenMP) modes. Now extended to include multivariate and unsupervised forests.

Maintainer: Udaya B. Kogalur
Author(s): Hemant Ishwaran <hemant.ishwaran@gmail.com>, Udaya B. Kogalur <ubk@kogalur.com>

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: Hmisc, XML, mlbench, survival, glmnet, pec, prodlim
Reverse depends: ggRandomForests
Reverse suggests: CFC, edarf, IPMRF, mlr, mlrCPO, ModelGood, pec, pmml, riskRegression, RLT, spatial.tools, survxai

Released over 3 years ago.