rangeModelMetadata (0.1.2)

Provides Templates for Metadata Files Associated with Species Range Models.


Range Modeling Metadata Standards (RMMS) address three challenges: they (i) are designed for convenience to encourage use, (ii) accommodate a wide variety of applications, and (iii) are extensible to allow the community of range modelers to steer it as needed. RMMS are based on a data dictionary that specifies a hierarchical structure to catalog different aspects of the range modeling process. The dictionary balances a constrained, minimalist vocabulary to improve standardization with flexibility for users to provide their own values. Associated manuscript in review.

Maintainer: Cory Merow
Author(s): Cory Merow, Brian Maitner, Hannah Owens, Jamie Kass, Brian Enquist, Rob Guralnick

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: biomod2, dismo, dplyr, ecospat, ENMeval, googlesheets, jsonlite, MASS, raster, rgbif, rgdal, rgeos, shiny, sp, spatstat, spocc, spThin, knitr, rmarkdown, BIEN

Released 10 months ago.