ranger (0.6.0)

A Fast Implementation of Random Forests.


A fast implementation of Random Forests, particularly suited for high dimensional data. Ensembles of classification, regression, survival and probability prediction trees are supported. Data from genome-wide association studies can be analyzed efficiently. In addition to data frames, datasets of class 'gwaa.data' (R package 'GenABEL') can be directly analyzed.

Maintainer: Marvin N. Wright
Author(s): Marvin N. Wright

License: GPL-3

Uses: Rcpp, GenABEL, survival, testthat
Reverse depends: Boruta, metaforest, RfEmpImp, tuneRanger
Reverse suggests: batchtools, breakDown, butcher, bWGR, cattonum, climbeR, DALEX, drifter, dynwrap, edarf, fastshap, flashlight, forestControl, GSIF, iBreakDown, iml, Infusion, IPMRF, knockoff, lime, MachineShop, MFKnockoffs, mlr, mlr3learners, mlr3proba, mlrCPO, modelDown, modelplotr, modelStudio, NAM, nlpred, parsnip, pdp, piRF, purge, r2pmml, Seurat, sperrorest, splitTools, SSLR, stranger, SuperLearner, tidypredict, tree.interpreter, varImp, vimp, vip

Released over 3 years ago.