rankhazard (0.8-1)

Rank-hazard plots.


Rank-hazard plots (Karvanen and Harrell, Statistics in Medicine 2009) visualize the relative importance of covariates in a proportional hazards model. The key idea is to rank the covariate values and plot the relative hazard as a function of ranks scaled to interval [0,1]. The relative hazard is plotted with respect to the reference hazard, which can be e.g. the hazard related to the median of the covariate. Transformation to scaled ranks allows plotting of covariates measured in different units in the same graph, which helps in the interpretation of the epidemiological relevance of the covariates. Rank-hazard plots show the difference of hazards between the extremes of the covariate values present in the data and can be used as a tool to check if the proportional hazards assumption leads to reasonable estimates for individuals with extreme covariate values. Alternative covariate definitions or different transformations applied to covariates can be also compared using rank-hazard plots.

Maintainer: Juha Karvanen
Author(s): Juha Karvanen

License: GPL-2

Uses: survival, rms

Released over 7 years ago.