rasterVis (0.45)

Visualization Methods for Raster Data.


Methods for enhanced visualization and interaction with raster data. It implements visualization methods for quantitative data and categorical data, both for univariate and multivariate rasters. It also provides methods to display spatiotemporal rasters, and vector fields. See the website for examples.

Maintainer: Oscar Perpinan Lamigueiro
Author(s): Oscar Perpinan Lamigueiro [cre, aut] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4134-7196>), Robert Hijmans [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: hexbin, lattice, latticeExtra, raster, RColorBrewer, sp, viridisLite, zoo, colorspace, dichromat, ggplot2, rgl
Reverse depends: biomod2, RSIP
Reverse suggests: belg, bossMaps, gdalUtilities, geoknife, isocat, LSRS, MetaLandSim, meteoForecast, NLMR, prioritizrdata, raster, smapr, solaR, spaMM, tangles, viridis, zonator

Released over 1 year ago.