ratesci (0.1-0)

Confidence Intervals for Comparisons of Binomial or Poisson Rates.


Computes confidence intervals for the rate (or risk) difference ("RD") or ratio ("RR") for independent binomial proportions or Poisson rates, or for odds ratio ("OR", binomial only). Also confidence intervals for a single binomial or Poisson rate. Includes asymptotic score methods including skewness corrections, which have been developed from Miettinen & Nurminen (1985) and Gart & Nam (1988) . Also includes MOVER methods (Method Of Variance Estimates Recovery), derived from the Newcombe method but using equal-tailed Jeffreys intervals. Also methods for stratified calculations (e.g. meta-analysis), either assuming fixed effects or incorporating stratum heterogeneity.

Maintainer: Pete Laud
Author(s): Pete Laud [aut, cre]

License: GPL-3

Uses: testthat

Released about 3 years ago.