reshape2 (1.4.4)

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Flexibly Reshape Data: A Reboot of the Reshape Package.

Flexibly restructure and aggregate data using just two functions: melt and 'dcast' (or 'acast').

Maintainer: 'Hadley Wickham'
Author(s): Hadley Wickham <>

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: plyr, Rcpp, stringr, lattice, testthat, covr
Reverse depends: afex, AFheritability, agridat, AppliedPredictiveModeling, AurieLSHGaussian, BCellMA, caret, cda, ChainLadder, classify, clickstream, ClimClass, coefplot, CompetingRisk, CoSMoS, Cubist, decctools, dexter, diffeR, difNLR, diverse, epibase, extracat, ez, FAOSTAT, FinCal, gapmap, gdm, ggmap, ggmcmc, ggparallel, ggRandomForests, growcurves, HRM, ifaTools, infinitefactor, interlineaR, JAGUAR, metaforest, mhtboot, MicroNiche, mmppr, mudfold, onlineCPD, pbdPROF, pgsc, planar, ppstat, processdata, pxR, rAltmetric, reshapeGUI, rImpactStory, RSMET, ScottKnottESD, SGP, SixSigma, SpatialFloor, STMedianPolish, taRifx.geo, tcR, tmpm, toolmaRk, transnet, TriMatch, unmarked, validateRS, wordmatch, YourCast, zoocat
Reverse suggests: AdaptGauss, adept, agridat, alluvial, ANN2, ARPobservation, balance, bmlm, bodenmiller, bridgedist, brt, causaldrf, cdata, CGGP, childsds, codyn, colorBlindness, cytofan, data.table, DataVisualizations, DeclareDesign, dgo, DirectEffects, directlabels, dominanceanalysis, FCPS, fhidata, firebehavioR, fitHeavyTail, flowr, frequencyConnectedness, funData, funrar, GeneralizedUmatrix, germinationmetrics, ggalt, ggforce, ggQC, ggsci, ggswissmaps, ggthemes, glmmTMB, GSODR, gsubfn, hdf5r, heplots, heuristica, hilbertSimilarity, httk, iheatmapr, IncDTW, Information, JointAI, kergp, Kmisc, knitrBootstrap, Lahman, lda, logitnorm, ltbayes, Matrix.utils, matrixStrucTest, mchof, metR, mgc, MGLM, microplot, mixstock, mlxR, mmpf, MOEADr, mosaic, mosaicData, MTA, MTLR, MTPS, nc, neurobase, NitrogenUptake2016, nlmixr, nLTT, nullabor, oapackage, opticskxi, pals, ParamHelpers, PDQutils, pdSpecEst, Perc, physiology, polymapR, pomp, popEpi, productplots, ProjectionBasedClustering, propr, psd, pubh, queuecomputer, R6Frame, ragtop, rangemodelR, rayshader, rbiom, RDML, refund, rEHR, rfordummies, rgbif, RGENERATEPREC, Rlda, rmetasim, RNOmni, robustbase, robustlmm, rosm, rpf, rrscale, rspear, rtop, SACOBRA, scanstatistics, sdmpredictors, SDMtune, sensitivity, shadow, simPop, SimRepeat, snpReady, socialmixr, SongEvo, sparklyr, sparseMVN, spew, ss3sim, ssdtools, stabm, streamDepletr, tableone, Tampo, tictactoe, tidytext, Tmisc, tourr, tracerer, treecm, treespace, tstools, tukeytrend, uavRst, vcfR, vkR, wq, WVPlots, xltabr, xtractomatic

Released about 1 month ago.

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