rgr (1.1.9)

The GSC Applied Geochemistry EDA Package.


Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) R functions for exploratory data analysis with applied geochemical data, with special application to the estimation of background ranges and identification of outliers, 'anomalies', to support both environmental studies and mineral exploration. Additionally, there are functions to support analytical data QA/QC, ANOVA for investigations of field sampling and analytical variability, and utility tasks. NOTE: function caplot for concentration-area plots employs package akima, however, akima is only licensed for not-for-profit use. Therefore, not-for-profit users of rgr will have to independently make package akima available through library(akima); and use of function caplot by for-profit users will fail.

Maintainer: Robert G. Garrett
Author(s): Robert G. Garrett

License: GPL-2

Uses: fastICA, MASS, akima
Reverse depends: StatDA

Released over 6 years ago.