rjags (3-14)

Bayesian graphical models using MCMC.


Interface to the JAGS MCMC library

Maintainer: Martyn Plummer
Author(s): Martyn Plummer [aut, cre], Alexey Stukalov [ctb]

License: GPL (== 2)

Uses: coda
Reverse depends: ArchaeoChron, auRoc, BALD, bamdit, bayesmix, BayesTwin, BaySIC, bdribs, BEST, bsam, dclone, dcmle, EWOC2, gbs2ploidy, HydeNet, JMbayes, JointAI, LEAPFrOG, lira, lossDev, metamisc, nCal, ordinalRR, pcnetmeta, phase1RMD, phenoCDM, pivmet, prevalence, PurBayes, R2jags, simmr, smartR, tdm, TreeBUGS, TropFishR, tuts, zoib
Reverse suggests: agridat, bamlss, BayesPostEst, bcrm, blavaan, bridgesampling, covafillr, dclone, dcmle, gemtc, ggmcmc, ISEtools, LEAPFrOG, lucid, Luminescence, metamisc, MethComp, mrbayes, nCal, nimble, runjags, tidybayes, wiqid
Reverse enhances: glmmBUGS, pbdDEMO

Released about 5 years ago.