robustSingleCell (0.1.1)

Robust Clustering of Single Cell RNA-Seq Data.

Robust single cell clustering and comparison of population compositions across tissues and experimental models via similarity analysis from Magen 2019 .

Maintainer: Meng Wang
Author(s): Assaf Magen [aut, cph] (<>), Meng Wang [aut, cre] (<>), Hao Chen [ctb]

License: Artistic-2.0

Uses: cccd, dplyr, GGally, ggplot2, ggpubr, ggrepel, gplots, igraph, Matrix, RANN, RColorBrewer, Rcpp, reshape2, rslurm, Rtsne, scales, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown

Released 12 months ago.