rpanel (1.0-6)

Simple Interactive Controls for R Using the tcltk Package..


rpanel provides a set of functions to build simple GUI controls for R functions. These are built on the tcltk package. Uses could include changing a parameter on a graph by animating it with a slider or a "doublebutton", up to more sophisticated control panels.

Maintainer: Ewan Crawford
Author(s): Bowman, Bowman, Gibson and Crawford

License: GPL-2

Uses: RandomFields, geoR, rgl, sm, sp, tkrplot
Reverse depends: biotools, DAMisc, feature, gamlss.demo, graphComp, GUIDE, lgcp, LinRegInteractive, MDSGUI, optBiomarker, RVideoPoker, seedwater, smovie, soilphysics, stpp, vows
Reverse suggests: qgraph, rase, seewave, sm, spatstat, stpp

Released about 9 years ago.