rpart (3.1-54)

Recursive Partitioning.


Recursive partitioning and regression trees

Maintainer: Brian Ripley
Author(s): Terry M Therneau and Beth Atkinson <atkinson@mayo.edu>. R port by Brian Ripley. Note that maintainers are not available to give advice on using a package they did not author.

License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

Uses: survival
Reverse depends: ada, adabag, AntAngiCool, AntAngioCOOL, BCA, biomod2, bst, CADStat, caMassClass, chemometrics, ChemometricsWithR, classifly, clustTool, CompModSA, CORElearn, DAAG, dave, DidacticBoost, DMwR, dtree, fda.usc, gamclass, gamlss.add, GENEAclassify, GPLTR, iBST, ipred, jlctree, longRPart, longRPart2, maptree, MatchIt, MergeGUI, metacart, MplusTrees, multiPIM, NHEMOtree, partykit, PSAgraphics, quint, RandForestGUI, RecordLinkage, REEMtree, regclass, rminer, rpart.permutation, rpart.plot, rpartOrdinal, rpartScore, rrp, spatstat, spc4sts, sperrorest, splinetree, SPOT, SQB, stima, survMisc, treeClust, TreeRank, TWIX, VSURF
Reverse suggests: animint2, arsenal, aslib, aurelius, BatchExperiments, batchtools, BiodiversityR, biomod2, butcher, CALIBERrfimpute, candisc, caret, caretEnsemble, caTools, ceterisParibus, ChemometricsWithR, classifly, compboost, crtests, DAAG, Daim, Design, dials, doParallel, doSNOW, dprep, DynTxRegime, e1071, emil, evtree, flacco, FRESA.CAD, fscaret, FSelector, FSelectorRcpp, gbm, ggdendro, ggplot2, ggResidpanel, GSIF, HandTill2001, Hmisc, HSAUR, HSAUR2, HSAUR3, iml, imputeR, klaR, languageR, LocalControl, lulcc, MachineShop, MatchIt, mboost, medflex, memoria, metaheur, mlr, mlr3, mlrCPO, mlrMBO, modelcf, ModelGood, mosaicModel, naniar, OpenML, parsnip, partools, partykit, pdp, pec, PivotalR, plotmo, pmml, preprocomb, purge, R2HTML, rattle, RcmdrPlugin.BCA, recipes, riskRegression, rms, ROSE, shapper, shipunov, smartdata, stablelearner, stranger, StratifiedMedicine, supclust, SuperLearner, tidyrules, TWIX, UBL, utiml, vip, visNetwork
Reverse enhances: d3r, dendextend, PivotalR, prediction, sfsmisc

Released about 7 years ago.