rplexos (1.1.4)

Read and Analyze 'PLEXOS' Solutions.


Efficiently read and analyze 'PLEXOS' solutions by converting them into 'SQLite' databases that can be easily queried. It supports collation of solutions that may have been divided into different time partitions, as well as the comparison across different scenarios. 'PLEXOS' is a power systems production cost model, created and distributed by Energy Exemplar (see URL below for more information).

Maintainer: Eduardo Ibanez
Author(s): Eduardo Ibanez [aut, cre], Marcin Kalicinski [ctb] (for the included RapidXml source), National Renewable Energy Laboratory [cph]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: data.table, DBI, doParallel, dplyr, foreach, lubridate, Rcpp, RSQLite, stringi, tidyr, ggplot2, testthat, knitr

Released over 4 years ago.