rsgcc (1.0.2)

Gini methodology-based correlation and clustering analysis of microarray and RNA-Seq gene expression data.

This package provides functions for calcluating the Gini correlation coefficient (GCC), the Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient (PCC), the Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient (KCC), the Spearman's rank correlation coefficient (SCC) and the Tukey's biweight correlation coefficient (BiWt). It can also been implemented to perform correlation and clustering analysises on the microarray and RNA-Seq gene expression data. Additionally, this package can be applied for further constructing gene co-expression networks (GCNs).

Maintainer: Chuang Ma
Author(s): Chuang Ma, Xiangfeng Wang

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: biwt, cairoDevice, fBasics, gplots, gWidgets, gWidgetsRGtk2, snowfall, stringr
Reverse depends: mlDNA

Released over 7 years ago.