sadists (0.2.3)

Some Additional Distributions.

Provides the density, distribution, quantile and generation functions of some obscure probability distributions, including the doubly non- central t, F, Beta, and Eta distributions; the lambda-prime and K-prime; the upsilon distribution; the (weighted) sum of non-central chi-squares to a power; the (weighted) sum of log non-central chi-squares; the product of non-central chi-squares to powers; the product of doubly non-central F variables; the product of independent normals.

Maintainer: Steven E. Pav
Author(s): Steven E. Pav [aut, cre]

License: LGPL-3

Uses: hypergeo, orthopolynom, PDQutils, ggplot2, xtable, testthat, knitr, shiny
Reverse suggests: fitteR

Released over 2 years ago.